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Tue, Mar 14, 2017 7:22 AM

Plot Summaries don't get posted

Hi there,

It's been almost two weeks since I first submitted plot outline and summary listed below and later on a couple of more summaries (also below) and I noticed they've never appeared online.

170305-024905-810000 - plot outline
170305-025216-550000 - plot summary for the same title
170306-184615-667000 - plot summary not posted but plot outline have been
170311-062605-900000 - plot summary

These summaries are my own work if that helps. I'm trying to understand why plot summaries were always posted within minutes but this time they take days or weeks or maybe never get posted. Is it because there is an automated check by the engine to see if it's unique enough? Whatever the case, the frustrating thing is that you get confirmation email on submission but you're never sure if the work you've done didn't go to waste. So I need to keep going back, day after day, to check if the info is posted and these submissions are just piling up.

Instead of a confirmation email I'd rather have an email or status update next to the submission saying it's been posted or rejected - if it's not too much trouble. That way I can be sure even if there is a long queue that confirmation will still come no matter the result. I saw a post from some 9 months ago that IMDb was working on improving the system. Whatever happened to it for now the contributions are hit and miss.

Thank you
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4 years ago


The plots you submitted have now been approved by our data editors and will shortly be visible on the site. 
All data submitted is not directly added to the site but first must be processed and approved by our data editors. We publish our processing times, for update to date information on our times please see the page below