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Fri, Dec 22, 2017 7:23 PM



I know this issue has been raised many times before, but as a paying IMDB Pro member, a paying union member, a professional-working script supervisor & department head that's a very integral part of the crew and production process - as all script supervisor's are - can IMDB PLEASE create a proper category/department listing for us and remove script supervisors from the "miscellaneous crew" listing that it has us in now? Can we please be listed in a proper & deserved department category as script supervisor/continuity? For all the work that we do and all that is needed from us by a production, it's a great injustice and a huge insult to improperly list us as "miscellaneous crew." We may only be a department of one, but we are a department nonetheless. Personally, I don't believe the "miscellaneous" category should exist at all for any paid crew member, but that's an entirely different battle. I know this issue has been brought to the attention of IMDB in the past, I know that various petitions have been created & signed in regards to this, yet IMDB has ignored all of them. However, I still feel the need to request this change in the hopes that IMDB will PLEASE take this issue seriously, not making excuses and change, address and resolve this issue promptly. As a paying IMDB member and a working, professional script supervisor, I ask that you give us what we deserve with the work we do on-set and what we are paying IMDB for, which is an accurate department head listing amongst the crew breakdown. Thank you... looking forward to IMDB making this well-deserved change for us VERY SOON without excuse.

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