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Mon, Aug 1, 2016 12:48 AM

Picture on imdb movie page not the one I added/intended to show as my movie picture

On my movie page, the movie's picture is a headshot of one of the actors, but I had intended it to be the picture I uploaded myself onto the photo album. I did not add the image of the actress and do not want her headshot to be the one that my film is associated with. How can I fix this or change the photo so that it is constantly what I want it to be instead of a headshot?

This is my movie page

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6 years ago

To remove it click on the image and then click "Report This" at the bottom. Give your reasoning for removal and it should get taken care of. If you want another image added for the title like a poster just click the "add image" button and go through the steps.



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6 years ago

While the above advice will work, for filmmakers the best way to control your primary poster (and upload trailers and other video content) is to apply for a free IMDb Scorecard account.  Please see