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Wed, Mar 12, 2014 8:33 AM

Parental Guide needs to be monitored. Choice of words too vulgar!

Many parents like myself come on your website to seek information on movies. I am always shocked to see the vulgarity written by people in the parental guide section. They can use a better choice of words in their description. It would be nice if you can monitor these comments. I believe that you have a good website and it can be very informative. I would like to come on your website and seek information without feeling like I am in pornography. Thank you for your time. 




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7 years ago


Parental Guides are a 'wiki'-style section: their content is edited directly by users and is not screened or actively monitored by our staff. IMDb users can modify them directly. We are aware that sometimes users abuse this privilege; when these situations are brought to our attention, we will take action against the accounts responsible.

If you are aware of Parental Guides that contain incorrect or inappropriate material, we do encourage you to edit them directly. Please go to for help on how to get started. 

 Thanks for your help.