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Wed, Sep 14, 2016 9:06 PM


Only reviews with very high scores are being permitted on The Promise, low scores are deleted

All reviews with low scores are being deleted on The Promise, while high score-reviews are being permitted. Isn't this exactly the "Do you find this review helpful" button is for? If a review is bad, let people vote it down. Don't prevent them from seeing different opinions. Otherwise it's unwarranted censorship by IMDB that skews the review pools unfairly. And that's not a site I would trust to read reviews on if there's such a biased censorship process.

From now on, how can I trust IMDB user reviews? Who knows the reason they might have deleted a review, if they had an agreement with the production company or whomever. It's clearly unhealthy.

And before anyone starts, there were ones among which criticized just the movie without mentioning the related political issues.

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