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Wed, Oct 3, 2018 6:58 PM

Online Harassment

I am being harassed by someone online, whose identity I do not know, since April this year. I have reported it to the police as well as to IMDB support however this person is still at it. They have now taken to spreading lies and getting my credits erased as IMDB support finally stopped them from editing my bio (they were posting all kinds of things on it). This person apparently also started their own thread here and is going by the name of "anton". The thread is called "actress with fake credits". Please do not listen to this person and help me block them from accessing my profile. You are welcome to call the Irish Police (Garda) and verify that I have a large file on this person's actions. If there is anything you can do to keep my career safe from this person, please do so. Ive been fighting this battle on IMDB for months.
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