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Fri, Nov 3, 2017 12:16 AM

Ongoing changes to several IMDb features

As you may have noticed, there have been many changes to IMDb in recent months, and many more are in progress now with planned delivery over the coming weeks.

One of IMDb’s top focus areas for 2017 has been to replace the remaining parts of our old software systems with more modern maintainable versions, enabling us to accelerate product development and therefore deliver new features / searches / content to you. In the process, we are continuing to make customer experience improvements, feature simplifications to improve usability, and identifying opportunities to bring consistency across our desktop / mobile platforms.  The ultimate aim is to serve all our customers better and to continue to grow the IMDb content and services in 2018 and beyond.  Once complete, the new system will enable us to more easily address any remaining longstanding bugs as well as faster fix any new ones which may emerge.  An example of visible change as part of this process is the new Parents Guide (for example Blade Runner 2049 (2017)) which moved off the problematic swiki system where only a small number of people could make edits and over to a managed data type.

Some of the features on IMDb are more than a decade old and as part of upgrading the backend technology, we are making a combination of interface refreshes, feature simplification, consolidations and deprecations. These decisions are not made lightly and are driven by a myriad of data metrics; however, we’ve built a very passionate customer base over our 27 years and we have seen some deprecations cause customer confusion/frustration. This is not our goal, but we know we cannot continue to deliver the site and features our users deserve and we aspire without making these changes. 

As a heads up, there will be more changes in the upcoming weeks. We will announce the most impactful changes in the Announcements section of Get Satisfaction. For changes with lesser impact, our team will monitor Get Satisfaction immediately following the change to provide helpful guidance to users. 


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4 y ago

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As we have seen, there have been a number of changes to IMDb features and functions, and presumably more are coming.

Would the staff be willing to post a page that will list the features and functions that have been removed, and explain the future status of those items -- that is, whether they are (a) going to be brought back, (b) going to be brought back but with some significant changes, (c) under consideration to be brought back, or (d) not going to be brought back at all? 

This page could be posted in the Contributor Zone and would be helpful in enabling IMDb users and contributors to know what is going on. 

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4 y ago

On top of everything else, it appears the "find two people working together" function has also disappeared. Or is it hiding somewhere?

Add my name to the list of those who are unhappy with these changes.

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4 y ago

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I log on after inactive for a few months and I am shocked by all the downgrades and loss of features. What gives IMDb?? This use to be the best site.

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4 y ago

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I do not say I support all the changes, but do you offer any slightest evidence that these changes are universally despised?
Come on, it is only a website! And 95% of the former information is still/already available, and the rest will come soon, as promised by Col Needham.

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4 y ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled New changes to are horrible.

There are numerous problems with the new changes that have taken place to IMDb over the past month or so.  The biggest issue is that the pages won't load at all, I constant either have to reload the page numerous times or I have to press the back arrow then forward arrow in order to actually see the page I want, be it a movie or a TV show or a person's page.

Other issues I have with the site:
Sometimes when clicking on a person's Awards section, I can't click on the year of their award to see the details of that award.  For example, if I click on James Cameron's Awards page, it will show "Oscars, 1998 Titanic"  I used to be able to click on the 1998 year listed in order to see the info of those Oscars, but now I can't anymore.

I hate that a User Review Comment doesn't appear at the bottom of a Movie/TV show anymore.

A lot of browsing options have been removed from the TV show section (such as Episode Cast, or including the number of seasons on the main page)

I hate that a person's filmography doesn't include the number of their listings anymore.  For example, someone like Christopher Lee had #280 credits, but rather than listing them in order by number where it's easier to search through, now the numbers don't appear anymore.

Overall, pretty much all the updates to the website have not improved the site, it has made it worse.  And believe me, I'm not the only one who hates these changes, numerous people I have talked with who are also frequent users of the site hate the changes.  I know my complaining won't make any difference, but I just needed to vent and let you know that I am not pleased at all.

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4 y ago

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you are really dedicated to completely destroy IMDb!!! whay are you putting the site in the hands of incompetent developers? the site was perfect a few months ago, and since the end of the movie discussions that you have been slowly destroying the site day after day. what's the idea? are you planing to close IMDb?

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3 y ago

I'd like to say thank you to Mr Needham & IMDB staff for bringing back "Prolific authors/reviewers & being able to sort reviews by user rating. I previously protested about it and I'm happy to get these features back. Just yesterday I watched a film which is generally praised by everyone and would have wanted to find some negative comments as well - to support my view of the film... today I noticed I can now sort by user rating again. Good.

There are still some small functionality/sorting issues which disappeared by past updates, at least not being able to sort by decades & genres on "Your ratings"-page... I guess that's possible using "advanced search" but that's a bit time consuming/hard to find for average user. 

I'm closing in on 5000 (film) ratings soon and I think most important feature of IMDB for me is being able to sort my ratings according to several categories. I use "Export" (to Excel file) function a lot.
IMDB offers me ability to keep track on films I've seen (rated), sort those films and read reviews (which I do mostly AFTER I have seen a film). Oh and of course checking film ratings to help me with my watchlist...

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3 y ago

Supongo que el error de los 10000 títulos se va arreglar...
Tengo un gran proyecto de clase relacionado con ello, espero que sea antes de que termine