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Tue, May 31, 2022 7:03 PM


Not Sure Why Proposed New Title Was Rejected

I've been trying to add "The Bob Hope Mardi Gras Special," which was aired on NBC on 7 March 1973, to the IMDB.  I'm told that the staff cannot "verify the existence of this title and the attached cast and crew," even though I've provided links to:

1. A newspaper article about the special published on the air date (

2. A TV listing from a second newspaper (

3. An ad for the special from a third newspaper (

4. A listing from the Library of Congress indicating that they have a video of the special in their Bob Hope Moving Image Collection (see bottom of page 102) 

In addition, I've provided all the minimum information required to support a submission (cast/distributor, etc.).  What more is necessary to prove the existence of this show?

The submission number is #220529-210459-905000



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4 m ago

Hi robertdimucci661-

Thanks for posting the relevant submission details and online sources, I have now approved this title and it should be listed live on the site shortly.