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Mon, Feb 11, 2019 9:30 PM

Non-functioning language options for titles

Some languages, for example Hebrew, have an option to add their title, but due to strange Unicode restrictions, it is impossible for it to contain a valid title in this language.

Here is what I get when I try to add the Hebrew title for How To Train Your Dragon 3:

If Hebrew characters are not accepted, how can there possibly be a Hebrew title?

Imagine having a Russian title written without the Russian alphabet. Or an English title written in Chinese. It makes absolutely no sense.

So literally all data IMDB currently has under "Israel: Hebrew title" is pure junk. I can imagine there's other languages with this problem as well.


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2 years ago

Unless mistaken, unicode is not supported, only latin-2 (i.e. with eastern european characters, hence the Bulgarian title mentionned above).

I wish that IMDb staff were somewhat more present and responsive on this forum...



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We are not sure what you mean, sorry.  This is a community support form which is backed by IMDb. We have staff members monitoring here almost 24/7 to catch threads which require a staff response; such threads are (mostly) cleared several times per day, especially on weekdays. However, please note if a discussion is on-going, it is less likely to receive staff attention as we generally start with the oldest thread first; effectively each time you (or I :-) reply, this thread is moved to the back of the line, plus we prefer to allow on-going discussions to settle out with a definitive need for a staff reply rather than jump into the middle of a live discussion. 

If people need a faster official staff response they should start at to locate the appropriate online help or to navigate to the correct path to a contact form which ends with an "E-mail" option. 

Hope this helps explain the options and our actions better. 



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2 years ago

Hi NeatNit,

We would like to be able to support all language sets within our systems, however at present this is not currently possible. Please see this guide on alternate titles for more details on supported character sets. In cases where we cannot support the required character set the transliterated title is the title to use for that country.