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Fri, Feb 22, 2013 11:11 PM

New title form

When you add a new TV series to the database, you are asked to indicate a starting year and an optional ending year, and you can check a box to indicate it is ongoing.

If you only include a starting year and don't check the 'ongoing' box, the title will nonetheless appear with a year range on the form (2013-), as if it was ongoing. Why is this?




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8 years ago

If you are submitting a title for a TV Series and do not provide an end-year, we naturally assume that the title is on-going and will list it as such.

So if you are submitting a TV Series and you know it was released for only a few years (for example, 2003-2006), you should include the end-year within your title submission form.



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8 years ago

Okay, but if it is a series that starts and ends within the same year, then it isn't ongoing. And the form does not allow you to enter an end year that is the same as the starting year.

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6 years ago

Exactly. Not only can't you as a contributor close the year range of the hundreds (thousands?) of finished TV series that are listed as on-going, you can't even add a new series that is finished within its first year even though that long awaited option was added to the new title form.