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Thu, Jan 14, 2021 5:01 PM


New Profile

I have a profile on here, however, when I login to my account, there is nothing there but I can search my name and find my profile...Can someone help me line this out?




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13 days ago

Hi BitPruitt -


Can you clarify the issue further?


From my understanding, you have an IMDb name page listing on the site and your name is displayed in the Search feature.


You mentioned an issue logging into your IMDb account and not seeing anything.  Can you clarify this?

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Yes. So I had an assistant create a profile for me as talent. However, when I login, there is no information on my it was never actually created...only a login made. BUT if you search for me, you can find a full profile for me. It's under John Bit Pruitt.



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So this is your name page?

Perhaps some jargon is getting in the way? Because I'm not sure what you're not seeing.

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