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Mon, Sep 16, 2019 6:53 AM

Names to delete on Quarterlife (2007)

I worked on Quarterlife (2007). There were six episodes, 4 directors and 2 cinematographers. The directors were Marshall Herskovitz, Eric Stoltz, John Saret Young, and Catherine Jelski. The cinematographers were Nicole Whitaker and me, John O'Shaughnessy.  Shilpa Mankikar did not work on the show (she is listed as directing 9 episodes) nor was she a cinematographer on the show. Shilpa Mankikar was not a cinematographer on the show either. I've tried to correct this but I can not figure out how to delete the names.


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a year ago

IMDb is reluctant to remove credits without proof, usually submitted by the poster in the form of a screenshot of the credit. That’s a problem in the case of tv episodes since, regardless whether they are listed at the beginning or end, the credits shown may not be able to be associated with a particular episode as there’s no visual link to which episode it is on any given credit screen. Plus it’s not unheard of that a person is wrongly credited onscreen. You didn’t actually say that she wasn’t credited onscreen, just that she didn’t do the work. I see she’s also credited as producer, editor and camera operator on some episodes.