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Tue, Feb 25, 2020 4:48 PM

Name spelling change rejected help!

In my professional and personal life I go by the first name "Dave" Woodside, but my IMDb page says "David" Woodside.  When I tried to change it, the change request was rejected with the following explanation:
 "This correction has no effect.  The corrected name is identical to the original name and has been rejected as a result."
I understand that I am asking for a minor change, but given that I am using IMDbpro as a promotional tool, I want to be very sure that there's no room for confusion. My IMDb name needs to match the name that people in the film industry are used to calling me, and also needs to match my name across all other platforms such as linkedin, instagram, and my own website and demos.
Please Help me resolve this!




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8 months ago


It's possible that you may be submitting the update incorrectly or you are missing a step or two.

After clicking the Edit page button on the David Woodside IMDb page, you should see the Update Information for David Woodside page form with a list of data types.

To the right of Name Correction or Merge, change the drop-down from No change to Add correction.

Click the blue Continue button at the bottom of the page.

On the next Update Information for David Woodside page, in the Name Correction or Merge form, type the new name this way:

Woodside, Dave

If you were ever credited on projects as David Woodside, leave the checkbox to the left of Preserve previous name on existing credits. i.e. '(as David Woodside)' checked.

In the Explanation box, write a brief statement about why the name is being changed. (Correcting the first name from David to Dave. My professional name is Dave, not David.)

Click the Check these Updates button.

On the next Update Information for... page, acknowledge the following yellow warning message:
This correction has warnings, you must acknowledge each one before this correction will be accepted. The name 'Woodside, Dave' is not currently in the database.

At the bottom of the list of similar names, click the button to the left of the following statement:

Correct the name to 'Woodside, Dave' - do not merge it with another name.

Click Re-check these updates button.

The next page should be in green and ready to be reviewed by an IMDb rep.

I hope this helps. Please write back if you need some assistance.