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Tue, Aug 26, 2014 6:16 PM

My videos are somehow on this site without my personal consent!! How do I remove them?

My brother and I have a YouTube channel that we upload short spoofs of films to. It's not a serious thing, and it's only primarily intended to be watched by friends and family. We make no profit from it, and we're making no attempts to boost the popularity of said channel.

However, after a comment on one of our videos (, I became aware that profiles of these videos, as well as actor profiles of me and my brother, had been posted on this website without any form of prior consent. I received no notification of this and I did not create the profiles on this website myself. I'm going to provide links below to all the video/actor profiles that were uploaded.

I'm asking if there's any way I can have these removed. It's completely wrong that these videos should be on such a well-known website without any form of prior consent, and it seems obvious that another person has created these profiles without my permission. Whereas I know it may be hard to locate the exact person, all I want is these profiles to be removed. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

P.S. My idea was to take my YouTube channel down, but if I did that then there would be no proof that my channel was the original channel and creator of my film content. Plus, why should I have to take it down?

My YouTube channel, from which all videos in question (as well as their date stamps) can be accessed:

My personal 'actor profile':

My brother's 'actor profile':

From both of the actor profiles above, all the video profiles in question can be accessed in the credits section of the actor profiles.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Jessica Fildes




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6 years ago

You have created films and posted them for public view.

IMDB is a factual database that lists information about films that are available to the public.

They do not remove content simply because you request it.

If there is information that is not accurate, it can be edited to become factual.

However, if the information posted is true: it will not be removed.

There is no consent required to post factual information that has been introduced to the public domain.