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Wed, Aug 28, 2019 6:18 PM

My overall accuracy rating

Long after reading this page, I have started to wonder what my overall accuracy rating is. No matter how low it is, my credit addition requests have always been accepted (unlike my deletion ones).




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a year ago

Hi Eric -

Currently, we don't disclose contributor accuracy ratings.  If you have observed that your credit deletion requests have not been accepted, this is likely because our editors are unable to verify the change or believe that the information we have listed is correct.

If there are instances where you have unsuccessfully tried to remove incorrect credits (the individual was not credited and didn't participate on the project), the best thing to do is provide additional evidence to verify your requested credit removal, such as screen grabs of the full on-screen credits or a link to the video where our staff can review the on-screen credits.  For further details on how to provide evidence, please review the following Help page: