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Thu, May 5, 2022 5:16 PM


My name is wrong on my page


The link above is my imdb page, but the name is wrong. I tried submitting a change back to Razor Rizotti instead of Maximo Pain, but it got rejected because it was unable to be verified. 

How do I correct the info on my page? I'm not sure how to submit proof, and I do not have imdbpro.



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2 m ago

Hi razorrizzotti -

I just reviewed the IMDb page you referenced and can see that the name is now listed under "Razor Rizzotti".

Additionally, I noticed that there is a separate page listing under "Razor Rizzotti (II)", can you confirm if this page also belongs to you?  If so you will need to submit a name page merge.  For information on how to merge pages I encourage you to revie wour Help Guide.