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Thu, Apr 8, 2021 6:27 PM

My film submission was declined..

I submitted a movie and all necessary parts to you guys and it was decided saying that there wasn't enough evidence and to provide explanation on the page and part where it says title. One, WHY???? and two, when I tried that it took me back to my contribution page, but everything is green(good to go I assume) and no where to update what you want me to update. Please advise and as my actors/crew want/deserve credit and what to guide people to IMDB to check out their current projects. Thanks!!



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7 d ago

Click on save this update.

Then reopen that same submission again.

See if the submit button now appears.

It's a glitch that I have noticed.

Sometimes the system is also setup to not allow a resubmit for 14 days.

If a submission is resubmitted before that 14 days have lapsed it may generate an automatic decline.