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Thu, Mar 28, 2019 10:46 AM


my film is being trolled

My film is being targeted by someone called sammie lei. I have had to remove 'cast' members over the past 2 days as well as inappropriate picture she has added. She has nothing to do with the film and is targeting the film as it contains cast members she has been trolling for a year. The police are involved in the trolling issue and if it continues I will report her to the police for this unless she is stopped. I have always been nice to her and asked her personally to stop this to which she has added more that I've had to remove. Images attached are the things I've had to remove.




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2 years ago

Hi Nicolette -

Thanks for reaching out with your report.  I have removed the inappropriate data on the title page and taken additional steps to prevent further sabotage.  If you observe any further issues regarding this, please let us know so our staff can investigate further.

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2 years ago

Anyway, she helped that movie up 150,000 points ))

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