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Sun, Dec 10, 2017 8:48 PM

My Birth Date is Incorrect - Please Fix!

Hello - I have been trying to clear up incorrect birth date information for a few months, with no response at all. IMDb refuses to correct it. It was the correct date for years, then someone at IMDb changed it in September of 2017, after I vehemently complained about other incorrect information (falsely stated marriage, which was posted by my ex-boyfriend who turned out to be a stalker... IMDb continues to stand by this false info) and their written refusal to do so. They told me the false marriage information case was "closed" and don't write to them again. I believe someone at the IMDb help desk is angry with me for persisting on these changes, and they decided to punish me by making me "older" online. I have sent them copies of my birth certificate, passport, and driver's license - along with a notarized statement - and there is just silence in response. I would really appreciate the false marriage information and the incorrect birth date being removed. It's causing me problems.


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3 years ago

Please don’t send any personal documents to this public forum. Anyone can see them.

Also, in this forum it’s difficult to delete your photos later on. The system won’t let you do it yourself.

Use this form instead:



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3 years ago

Hi Staci -

Please be aware that it is our policy not to alter or delete any kind of correct/factual information or credit from our records.Based on our own sources and research, we believe the birthdate information listed on the site for your page is correct and cannot be changed.