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Fri, Nov 19, 2021 3:10 PM


Music video credits for Bruce Springsteen and Little Steven - ”Self”


At some point I remember correcting the musicians of some music videos by Bruce Springsteen from ”Self” to (e.g.) ”Bruce Springsteen”. As I always do if I correct some music videos for some reason.

From the guide: ”An artist is playing a character in a music video as they're performing - this means they shouldn't be listed as "Self" which is reserved for talk show appearances, documentaries etc.”

Anyway, I noticed that many (if not most) music videos from Bruce Springsteen (and Little Steven) are now ”Self”. Perhaps mass ”corrected” by some fans? Or perhaps many always been that way, not sure.

Now, this is obviously an on-going problem with music videos (people add performers as ”Self” and they’re often accepted by the IMDb staff) and I don’t have time to change them back, but perhaps IMDb staff could check that has there been some recent changes to music videos by ”The Boss”?



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9 m ago

Hi eboy -

I can confirm that another contributor recently changed these credits, likely due to a misunderstanding of our current policy.  I have now manually adjusted the Music Video credits on the name page for Bruce Springsteen, the changes should be live on the site shortly.