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Sun, Oct 6, 2013 10:29 AM

Movie should not be listed

I am the producer and owner of the movie '4000 sobre los andes'. The information is not correct and I did not allow anyone to put this information on your site. Please remove it, otherwise I will take legal action. Best Regards


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7 years ago

The way the IMDb database works, anyone with a verified account can add information to the database. It does not require consent of the copyright owner to do so, as all of the data in the database is considered to be public information.

As for your movie, if the information is incorrect, you can either correct it, using the "Edit page" button at the bottom, or make a claim of copyright infringement, as per the instructions here:

Getting a title removed just on a "say-so" is very difficult. Put yourself in IMDb's position; anyone could make a claim about owning a movie and wanting it removed, without it necessarily being true.