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Tue, May 4, 2021 6:22 PM

Movie poster thumbnails

I submitted new movie poster thumbnail art about a week ago. It still doesn’t appear. I must have done something wrong. Is there an email address for imdb customer support?


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3 d ago

I don't know what you mean by "thumbnail art" but:

Thumbnails won't be accepted obviously because they're too small.

Posters you've made yourself won't be accepted if they're amateurish.

Posters which are less than 50kb won't be accepted, so you'll need to use something like LunaPic to increase it's size.

I've made loads of posters for productions which don't have official posters, which is 99% of British productions, by:

  • Screenshoting the the title screen
  • Pasting it in paint
  • Stretching the area into a vertical rectangle, in line with the image
  • Starting a new project in paint, with the now vertical rectangle plain White background
  • Pasting the title screen again into the centre of the plain White vertical rectangle, so it will fit into the poster area on IMDB cleanly.
  • Then colouring in the plain White background based on what colour the title screen is, so that it blends in. It's usually Black.

Sometimes if the title on the title screen isn't that big, and there's nothing noteworthy in the background, then I might cut away some of the sides and make a smaller rectangle, so that the title which might not be clear at a distance, is clearer.

And if the title is the full length of the title screen, so can't be cropped, and/or has a background full of multiple colours, I'll simply add a plain Black background to fill in the extra space above and below the title screen in the rectangle.

Here's a few I've made recently: 

Alice (Short 2016) - IMDbAlice (2016) (imdb.com)

Dave: Black (Video 2019) - IMDbDave: Black (2019) (imdb.com)

Dave: 100M's (Video 2017) - IMDb = Dave: 100M's (2017) (imdb.com)

I am who? (Short 2014) - IMDb = I am who? (2014) (imdb.com)

Changing Change (Short 2014) - IMDb = Changing Change (2014) (imdb.com)

Roadshow Info (TV Series 1979) - IMDb = Roadshow Info (1979) (imdb.com)

If you start adding extra stuff which isn't there and looks out of place, then it's classed as fan art, and won't be accepted https://help.imdb.com/article/contribution/images-videos/image-guidelines/G27LPBQZA7EAZGJW?ref_=helpsrall#

You can find out whether your image additions have been accepted or declined here, but as it's been a week, they've no doubt been declined, most likely because of size IMDb Contribution: Your Contribution History


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Thank you so much Daniel for your response! I’m glad to say since my post a movie poster does appear for film, The Crumbs.