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Wed, Aug 7, 2019 6:31 PM

Movie cast contains a link to the wrong actress' profile

In the movies Ossos (1997) and In Vanda's Room (2000) Zita Duarte is not the actress to which leads link from movies' pages:
Actress in those movies is much younger and she never played in any films beside those two. That another Zita Duarte died even before In Vanda's Room filming  was completed.




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a year ago


If you have an IMDb user account or an IMDbPro account, you are welcome to submit an update.

From what you described, it appears the two titles you mentioned belongs to another person with the same name. So a new name page will need to be created with a different Roman numeral assigned to differentiate the two people.

Click the links below for more information.

IMDb Help Center Pages:

How can I move credits to another page?

What do the roman numerals, like (I) and (II), after people's names mean?