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Wed, Jul 21, 2021 3:49 PM

More episode number corrections declined for In Their Own Words

I tried to fix up the remaining episodes of In Their Own Words but they seemed to have been declined as Title Core now shows July 19 which is the date I submitted the corrections.

If you look at the PBS Page for In Their Own Words, you will see the correct order. You will need to click the "Read More" button at the button to see all episodes.

Jimmy Carter is episode 2.4 (contribution 210719-151811-828000)

Elon Musk is episode 2.5 (contribution 210719-151841-862000)

Angela Merkel is episode 2.6 (contribution 210719-151908-554000)

There are only 6 episodes not 7 (though there currently is no episode 2.6 listed on IMDb.)




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1 d ago

Hi Adrian -

These additional episode order number corrections have now been applied, the correct order should be live on the site shortly.