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Wed, Jun 17, 2020 9:30 PM

More declined submissions

# 200617-013234-983000
Sent a place of birth submission for a deceased person using their obituary in The Guardian as the source of information, but it was declined. Are newspapers no longer a valid source? Do I need a second corroborating source? Let me know.

# 200615-210056-100000
This one seems peculiar. The film is called Chrismas Memories and was made by a guy called Robert Z. Leonard in 1915. The plot outline someone's written for it though says it's about the remembrances of veterans of the 1944 Battle of the Bulge. I submitted a deletion for the plot outline, it was declined with the usual unable to verify message. I suppose it could have been a retrospective of a speculative future like The Shape of Things to Come, but I'd be very surprised if Robert Leonard managed to correctly predict the future to this degree.

# 200616-195221-264000
I submitted a birth name and date/place of birth. Birth name was accepted, date/place was declined. I used the same explanation and link for both.

# 200616-191122-138000
First episode of '90s show, Crocodile Shoes called The Tape. Submitted over 50 credits, most of them accepted, a couple are pending which I'll hold off on for now, but two were declined. Both of them cast members. If you go to correct the cast list, you'll see from the ordering that number 20 and 23 is missing. I went to my copy of the episode and 20 was Paul Henley while 23 was Jacquetta May. Did it just get automatically declined because the cast is marked as complete (I did have to tick a box when it went yellow due to that)?

# 200614-074539-018000
Date/place of birth submission. It hasn't been declined, but the tracker has a yellow hazard sign up with "Needs Attention". It doesn't tell me what I need to do now though. Needs attention in what way?


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1 y ago

Hey Nick,

I've reviewed your submissions and have the following updates:

200617-013234-983000: should go live in a day or so

200615-210056-100000: same as above

200616-195221-264000: we don't accept WikiPedia or Ancestry links as proof, the birth name was likely easy to verify independently by the editor in question

200616-191122-138000: no evidence was provided for this. Please resubmit with a screenshot from your copy of the show.

200614-074539-018000: this is another Wikipedia sourced submission. It's marked as needing attention due to a technical issue that I've now resolved

Thanks for all your contributions to the site, if you have any further questions please let me know!

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I've had Ancestry links accepted in submissions before as the site has the British government's Civil Registration Indices for England & Wales (up to 2005) which is the source I use for English and Welsh people. 200616-195221-264000 related to Jimmy Nail's youngest son Fredric Jones whose only credit is for Crocodile Shoes. I explained the info came from Nail's autobiography, and supplied Jones' entry in the Civ. Reg. Birth Index as corroboration. The Wikipedia link was only for you to verify when the Great Storm of 1987 occured as the autobiography stated he was born just after it.

200616-191122-138000: No probs, I'll get on that.

200614-074539-018000: Fair enough. There are a handful of other links, but I think they take their info from Wikipedia too (I know the BBC Music one does as it states so). The date is also on I don't specifically know if they got the info from Wiki or not, would they be considered a reasonable source?