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Thu, Jun 10, 2021 4:32 PM

Mistakenly credited for a project I'm not involved in!

Hi, I want to know if anyone else has had this issue before. I checked my page the other day and saw that I've been credited as part of a film that I am not affiliated with at all. First off, it's a production company I've never heard of, I've never heard of the director or anyone involved, I was not asked to audition for the role nor have I applied for any casting call for the project. Yet they have credited me as one of the main characters. I have contacted IMDb several times already to try to correct this mistake and I have even contacted the production company directly to no avail so far. This concerns me as it's either someone committing fraud or they meant to credit a different actress with the same name as me and now it's showing false information. Has anyone else had this happen before and if so was the issue ever resolved?? Please help!!




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7 d ago

You will have to give more information such as your name and the name of the movie. It is, almost certainly, an actress with the same name.



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2 d ago

Hi smjack1928 -

If the credit does not belong to you it likely belongs to a different performer with the same name, in these cases, instead of requesting a credit deletion, a credit split should instead be submitted.  For more information on how to move/split the credit, please review our Help Guide.

If you have already attempted to move the credit and need further help, please post the 18-digit submission reference number here and our staff can take a look for you.