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Wed, Dec 18, 2019 11:01 PM

Merge title "Ju Zi Hong Le" and "Ripening Orange"

I submit it 3 times. Every time I “provide an explanation to assist in processing this submission” and “check these updates”. However, every time the censor Replied " Please go to your Contribution History, re-load the submission reference and tick the box “provide an explanation to assist in processing this submission” and
“check these updates. "

"Ju Zi Hong Le" is the original title in Chinese of the work"Ripening Orange". It was FIRST aired in Taiwan in 2001, not in mainland China in 2002. Every audience from Taiwan and mainland China knew it. The censor refused my Updating Information before JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN'T READ CHINESE. It is really ridiculous.  The censor need to find some worker who can read the other language.  The censor Can Find the original Title, the Alternate Title , the same CAST and "the same poster", according to those databases and the official site: ( Oh, I submit 2 English pages and 2 Chinese pages. However, he/she doesn't want to open the English ones, can't read Chinese and even doesn't want to do the efforts top CHECK IT. YOU KNOW THERE IS GOOGLE TRANSLATIONS. THEY EVEN HASN'T TRIED TO USE IT.)


I want to say to the censor, "You can't read Chinese it's not you're fault, BUT YOU SHOULD CONSIDERED MY OPPINIONS SERIOUSLY!"


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1 y ago

Hey there,

Thank you for your message.

I have submitted this request on your behalf now, if no problems are encountered this should update online within 24 hours on all platforms.

Have a great day.