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Sun, Jun 16, 2019 12:25 PM

Mark Feist - sorting out the confusion

Can anyone help sort out some credits for ‘Mark Feist’ on ‘Come Together Now’ (tt5681634)?

The problem is that three different links for “Mark Feist” are used in this program.

  • Mark Feist (I) nm2236940 – appears in the cast list
  • Mark Feist (IV) nm8113265 - is credited as the writer
  • Mark Feist (V) nm8113266- is credited as a producer and a composer

There is one soundtrack item, which includes ‘Mark Feist’ as a songwriter and ‘Mark J. Feist’ as a music producer, but these are not linked.

I am guessing that Mark Feist (IV) and Mark Feist (V) were created at the same time given the consecutive numbers. It would therefore make sense to merge these.

But should both of these be merged into Mark Feist (I) ? 

According to Wikipedia,

Mark J. Feist 

produced, wrote, and arranged, "Come Together Now", a charity single made to benefit the victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake/tsunami 


appeared on CNN's Larry King Live with Sharon StoneDenise Rich and Sharpe to promote the release of the single. 

 The above would tend to indicate that Mark Feists (I, (IV) and (V) are all the same and should be merged.

Does anyone disagree?

To confuse matters, 

  • Mark Feist (II) is a songwriter and he could be the same person as well.

Data on Discogs

and Allmusic

are of little use, although Allmusic shows Mark Feist as a composer of a Filipino song in 1994 and Mark Feist (II)’s IMDB songwriting credit is for the arrangements of a song in a Filipino movie.

  • Mark Feist (III) is a sound engineer and appears that he may be a different person, as I have not found any indications of the other Mark Feist working as a sound engineer on films.

Can anyone clarify whether Mark Feist (II) and/ or Mark Feist (III) are the same person as the other Mark Feists?





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2 y ago


With a few exceptions, not many projects have three different people listed with the same name. Consider the three duplicate name pages as one page. So, as you've mentioned, submit two name mergers pages (IV and V) into (I).

As far as the (II) is concerned, I would merge that page into (I) as well due to the research you found which proves he worked in the Philippines.

FYI (From Internet Archive: Wayback Machine):

I would leave (III) as is. There is no information confirming both titles in that filmography is his.

I hope this helps.