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Thu, Jan 14, 2021 3:09 AM


Lower the Review Word Limit

Assuming the word limit on reviews is now 700, it needs to be drastically lowered to limit all the reviewers who drone on and on and on, recounting every detail of the plot for a movie or TV show. That ruins the plot for viewers before they even get to see the movie or TV show! So drastically reduce the word limit on reviews down to 250 or 300, which is the normal word limit for a well-written review. Reviews are not supposed to be a mindless recounting of the plot, but instead a review of the acting quality, directing quality, photographic visuals, sound quality, and intelligence of the plot ! For examples of well-written, succinct reviews, read the reviews from years ago by Roger Ebert and Gene Shalit.


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12 days ago

Excellent idea.


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I second that

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I third that. Adopt this idea and put it into practice, IMDB !