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Monday, March 21st, 2016 12:35 AM

Liz Torres Bio

: I have a question about the bio for Liz Torres, Miss Patty on Gilmore Girls. The bio says that she was born in 1947 and appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1962. Was she REALLY 15 when she was on that show??

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8 years ago


IMDb lists titles with the release year next to the title.  It helps greatly to distinguish between same/similar titles.

TV shows generally add also an end date.  But some displays will still just show the "release," or first aired date.  So, the version of the show you're talking about is listed on IMDb as "The Tonight Show (1962) (TV Series)," which is not to imply that people who appeared all appeared that year. It's simply the title itself.

If you look at her filmography (in the "self" category), you'll the episodes she is listed in IMDb as having appeared on, as :

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (TV Series)
Herself - Episode dated 25 August 1976 (1976) ... Herself
- Episode dated 29 August 1973 (1973) ... Herself
- Episode dated 23 October 1972 (1972) ... Herself
- Episode dated 24 April 1972 (1972) ... Herself
- Episode dated 24 January 1972 (1972) ... Herself
- Episode dated 15 July 1971 (1971) ... Herself
- Episode dated 27 May 1971 (1971) ... Herself

Each episode is now listed as it's own title, so those items show a "release date" next to the title, for that specific episode.

So her earliest (that is listed on IMDb) is 1971.  She'd have been 23.

See the help page for:

You show actors as appearing in TV series before they were born! How can this be correct?