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Tue, Jan 21, 2020 9:28 AM

Listing titles, awards, and roles on for page for short films/TV segments re-purposed and re-posted mulitple places

I have produced and edited several segments for a TV News/entertainment company which also releases the segments as on the web as free-standing short films through the company websites, etc. Sometimes the segments may be reused for a weekly regional TV show. How do I list these films/short documentaries in an age of digital media where productions are constantly "repurposed," re-released, re-broadcast, and re-posted to the web on multiple platforms? I can't in good conscience list them as films or TV series although they are free-standing short documentaries. Also, if I add them as short films, won't I have control of the IMDB listing, which is not my intent? I'm so confused about how to list these, yet I would like to list them because of the Emmy nomination for one of them.  I have links to all the films/segments that I want to list.




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You should probably add them according to their original release, so if that's on a website you can use the new title form and follow the guidelines for online videos:

The data you add will of course form the basis of the IMDb listing, but adding a title doesn't give you future control over the listing.