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Tue, Jan 12, 2016 12:48 AM

Link credit to my name

Dear IMDB,

Please link a certain credit to my name. We have tried numerous times to do so and it has not appeared. The director also is only able to edit 2 of the cast members names to the characters. Please link the account Adam C. Johnson (Premature, The Hunger Games, American Reunion, The 5th Wave) to the production "Southern Hospitality" (2015 TV Mini Series featuring Blake Sewell, Thom Jon Cunningham, Cruz Altitude). There may be an Adam Johnson linked already to the production however I need that account deleted as this is a fake account someone created for me. Link my normal account (Adam C. Johnson) to the character Justin please. Also, it says I need proper documentation to change my name. I do not know of any links or any proper documentation that state my real name but if you would be so kind please change my name from Adam C. Johnson to just Adam Johnson, elimination my middle initial. Thanks!

Best Regards

-Adam Johnson-


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5 years ago

For starters, pages of the database of film information are not "Accounts," but just a part of the database.  An "Account" would be created by you and you'd log in to it with an email address and password, to use features of the site.  These pages cannot be logged in to.

Credits get added, usually, as the name appears on screen.  So that might account for what you call a "fake" page...which isn't really "fake," but just needs some correcting.

So, is the page intended to be about you, this one?:

Adam C. Johnson (Actor, The 5th Wave (2016))

The title you seem to be describing is:

Southern Hospitality (2015)

The superfluous page you mention is?:

Adam Johnson (LXXIX)

Are both credits on this page yours?  How did your name appear on screen for these?

This is all easy to fix with if you can confirm this.

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5 years ago

Also...are all the credits on the page with the "C." also credited on screen that way, sans "C.?"

By the way, you'd be using what you called "fake" page as yours if you change the name.  And, no, you don't usually need documentation to change the name.  If most of your credits appear on screen without the "C." it should not be there anyways.  Your page should be named as your credits appear most often and most recently, on screen.