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Sun, Mar 8, 2015 5:25 AM

Lack of moderator action

On Feb 7 racists in the Fantastic Four  posted a thread with pic links showing a human being burning to death.  They then joked about it.

Despite multiple reports about these people nothing has been done and the thread is still there

I logged a query on the support board and got this unhelpful response.

Due to the high volume of traffic we are only able to investigate possible violations that are reported using the 'Report Abuse' link attached to each post ( Our moderators will take appropriate action against the post and/or the author.

Please also note that when dealing with inappropriate users in the Message Boards, we also provide a mechanism by which you can easily and automatically ignore all messages from any troll. For details please see:

Well you cant report these people because at this point for all of them you get this message.

Thanks, we already have sufficient abuse reports about this user

Administrators will be processing these in due course

I was happy enough to let the moderators do their job but after a month of knowing that thread is still there and them posting several equally repulsive threads since I've had enough. What do I have to do to get the moderators to actually do something?

I'm at the point that unless something gets done in the next couple of days either contacting IMDB's parent company Amazon or the media to try to get someone to try to bring some pressure to get something done.  It's not just occasional casual racism we are talking about here - we are talking about consistent hate speech day in day out for months.  Just saying use the report abuse button when the abuse has become so bad that you are no longer accepting new complaints or ignore them is simply not good enough.  Yesterday I cracked and started abusing these people back - I know that's wrong but at a certain point a person can only take so much before they feel compelled to do something - anything.  I know that is futile though and worse than futile makes me lower myself (although not to their level as that is simply not possible).

An IMDB employee needs to take some action and they need to take it soon!  Those people need to be banned and their IP addresses blocked because unless IMDB stands up against hate speech like that of it's own volition there is going to come a time when someone will make them do it. 



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