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Sun, Sep 5, 2021 10:44 AM


Keywords containing "george-bush" are vague - Please ban/block them

Dear @Michelle,

The following keywords containing "george-bush" are too vague, because it isn't clear whether they refer to George H. W. Bush, or George W. Bush:

george-bush (1 title)
george-bush-character (1 title)
george-bush-lookalike (1 title)
reference-to-george-bush (56 titles)

I have "audited" all those keywords and changed them to either "george-w.-bush" or "george-h.w.-bush" keywords. This process took several hours. 

Now that I have completed that work and reduced all of these keywords to zero titles, I would like to ask that IMDb staff please block/permaban these vague keywords, so that people can't use them in the future. 

So, please ban these four keywords, so that when people try to use them, it will display a message that the keyword is too vague:

  • george-bush
  • george-bush-character
  • george-bush-lookalike
  • reference-to-george-bush 

And while I am on the topic, I would also like to request mergers/auto-conversions of the following keywords:

george-h.w.-bush (1 title) --> reference-to-george-h.-w.-bush (9 titles)  -->  reference-to-george-h.w.-bush (182 titles)

george-w-bush (6 titles)  -->  reference-to-george-w-bush (28 titles)  -->  reference-to-george-w.-bush (548 titles)

Those changes will hopefully steer people to using the correct keywords in the future.

Thank you!

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Hi keyword_expert -

Thanks for your extensive clean-up and report regarding these Keywords.  I have now applied the appropriate merges & auto-conversion updates and the changes should be live on the site shortly.

Thanks again!

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Thank you very much, @Michelle!