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Sat, Oct 19, 2019 9:22 AM

Jules Dassin

Hi there!

Ten days ago, a John Doe changed the spelling of Jules Dassin 
According to this John Doe, the correct spelling should be:Jules Dassein


It seems to me that Jules Dassin is the only correct spelling
In France, this American director is known as Jules Dassin and Jules Dassin only
He is also the father of the American-born French singer Joe Dassin (nm0202087)

Finally, according to Wikipedia:


For a reason as unknown as annoying, I'm unable to rollback the name this director





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2 y ago

Posting the URL of the name page for the IMDb representative.

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2 y ago

He was apparently born Julius Dassin but always known as Jules, so let's roll it back. It's high time for those on the BLACK LIST to be recognised for the geniuses they often were, Elia Kazan on one side or Jules Dassin on the other.



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2 y ago


Thanks for your post.

I've looked into this and agree this should be reverted, I've done so now - please allow around 12 hours for this change to reflect on the website.

Have a great day.