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Wed, Apr 7, 2021 4:27 PM

I've accidentally contributed myself twice

I work in TV. I accidentally contributed myself twice under two different roles. How do I delete one of them? When I click "Edit Page" then "update", then choose "Correct/Delete" it takes me to the next page. From here I cannot figure out what to do. My name doesn't show up to delete it. 

Please help!


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9 d ago

That will be because they've been added to the specific episodes rather than the series page.

Go to the episodes in question, and correct them there.

Usually only people like directors, writers and producers remain on series page's, as they usually work on all of the episodes.

However the rest of the cast and crew usually get placed in the episode credits, as they don't always work on every episode.

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@daniel_francis_gardecki Ah! Thank you so much!