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Fri, Jun 2, 2017 1:59 PM

Is the "uncredited" attribute really necessary when adding soundtrack entries?

From my personal experience of the last few years, TV shows hardly ever credit soundtrack entries - either the writers, the composers, or the performers. I'm not sure how it works with movies, but I am certain that this is case with modern episodic shows.

Therefore, I'm questioning the reasoning behind the guideline telling us to add the attribute (uncredited) to every such soundtrack entry. If being uncredited is the common practice with this type of entries, why specify it? Isn't it a useless piece of information in these circumstances?

Comments? Opinions?




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4 y ago

Hi Paikia,

Note: I am a long time user of IMDb and not a staff member. The following may not correspond to IMDb's policy.

Although TV shows frequently do not credit sound tracks on their credits, films frequently do. Indicating whether a sound track is credited or uncredited is a matter of consistency with how other data items are recorded for television and film production.



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Dan's answer is our policy (thanks)

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Kk, got it. Thanks. :)