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Sat, Nov 21, 2020 10:32 PM


Is Nigel Beaham Powell (as Nigel Powell) the same person as Nigel Powell (II)? - dubbing mixer credits

I notice that Nigel Beaham Powell, who has a lot of credits as a music composer, also has a few credits as a dubbing mixer: every one of them is "as Nigel Powell". There is also a Nigel Powell (II) who has many credits as dubbing mixer.

I'm wondering whether a) they are the same person and should be merged, or b) they are completely separate people and Nigel Beaham Powell's dubbing mixer credits should be moved to Nigel Powell (II).

I can't find any evidence on other sites of Nigel Beaham Powell doing any dubbing mixer work. BFI only lists his composer credits. only mentions him as a composer. Likewise for

So I reckon the dubbing mixer credits for Nigel Beaham Powell might be incorrect and should be moved to Nigel Powell (II).

What do other people think?

I submitted a dubbing mixer credit for "Britain's Most Historic Towns" (2018) {Restoration London (#3.2)} as Nigel Powell (II) and I notice someone has altered it to "Nigel Beaham Powell (as Nigel Powell)". Either they are wrong or they know something I don't - I'm not sure which ;-)



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14 days ago

How can I combine two IMDb filmography pages?

This article provides answers for how to merge duplicate name pages together on IMDb. 

You have two name pages for the same person, how can I merge them?

Note: Please only submit a name merge if you are sure that all data on both name pages belong to the same person - incorrect merges can take a long time to correct and during that time the information will be listed badly on the website.  
  • Only some information is wrong? If data is mixed up in the pages you'll need to move each item separately - you can find a guide on how to correct existing credits here


If you're confident two pages should be merged together, then please read this.....

1. Open the two pages you'd like to merge together in separate tabs. 

2. On the page you would like to disappear, select Edit page

3. Next to the option for 'Name Correction or Merge' use the drop-down on the right and select "Add correction" then Continue

4. In the blank field under "Name Correction of Merge" you'll want to add the unique identifier of the page you're merging into (the page which will remain). 

5. Add an explanation as to why these should be merged, the more information you can provide - the better!       5a. If the names are different between the two pages, keep the box "Preserve previous name on existing credits" as this will retain the other name on the credit.               

Scroll down and click Check these updates so the system can make sure everything is OK with your request. 

7. On this next page, you will see all warning's associated with the request - make sure to read this as it will explain what's happening. 

8. When you're ready, tick the box which says "Warning understood, go ahead anyway." followed by Re-Check these updates

9. If everything is OK, the box will turn green and you're ready to go - hit Submit and this will be sent to our editors for review.  

Please note that the updates may happen in stages, which can mean that some credits may disappear for a day or two while the merge is being processed. 

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Karen, Thanks for this information. As it happens I know how to merge two people or to move credits from one person to another. I was asking people's opinions as to whether I should do it, based on the evidence I gave.


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The only two people you have to convince is yourself and an IMDb editor. As the old saying goes.....Bellybuttons are like opinions . Everybody has got one!

I look at it from a simplistic viewpoint. Take away his first name on a search.

You still get Nigel. How may Nigel's can there be with that last name?