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Thu, Mar 21, 2019 6:37 AM

Is it allowed to post nude pictures from movies or tv shows in lists or polls?

Some more questions: And can the same be done for TV shows on their imdb page if they contain nudity? How to add pictures for TV shows?

Also if a web series is listed as TV series can that be changed?




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2 years ago

Hello, Mohit Mago. 

Adding to Ed's excellent answer (sourced from Image Guidelines, which contain more useful information on images) as of current TV series is assigned to both TV and Web series. It is considered a controversial decision by many in the industry, but considering that a significant bulk of modern television could and should be technically listed as web series (everything by Netflix and DC Universe services would be a great example) and the fact that services like YouTube house more and more professional and semi-professional productions, drawing the line between web and TV while these two are in the process of merging into one conglomerate might be erroneous.