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Thu, Sep 12, 2013 9:25 AM

Inputting data problems

Have tried to put my father's DOB and full name on his notes (he was a child actor on the London stage and in early films in the 1930's), but the system won't accept it. Says it needs URL. What do I need to do as I don't want to have to scan his birth certificate and how can IMDb access that? He was born in 1924 so I can't use much else!




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7 years ago

Hi Charlotte -

You can also supply a link to a news article, public records, or other official sites as proof of your father's date of birth.

If you have documents, you can scan and upload them onto a free image hosting site like,,, etc; however, if there is private/personal data on the documents, you may want to black-out the private information and/or upload the document to a hosting site that is password protected.