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Wed, Oct 23, 2019 9:44 PM


Inconvenient design change on IMDb submission forms

I can't get why buttons "Submit these updates" and "Re-check these updates" were swapped. 

I was so used to previous layout that by clicking on the wrong button I've erroneously submitted not one but three new title submissions which consist of just a title and a type, simply because it took me at least four attempts to make the submission without goofing. I am pretty sure that will be the case with quite a few users and I can't get why that design change was made in the first place. If that was because someone complained that "Re-check these updates" gets pressed often that's a good thing: it actually makes users re-check before submitting the submission without reading it ever again and making a ton of mistakes.  

Here are the reference numbers of erroneous submissions which I hope will be declined:

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