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Wed, Sep 15, 2021 6:10 PM

inaccurate data

Who controls the information that appears on me at imdb? When someone accesses my page on the site, it was that I have 1 award and 1 nomination when I have at least 12 awards. Why is that? I mean, I don't want this information to be displayed because it is not true, and very misleading.

The same happens in imdb pro, where I have entered all my awards but they appear as "other awards" and only one award and one nomination appear in the "announcement"




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1 d ago

Hi Helena,


Thanks for reaching out.


In short, the information in the database comes from various sources. You can find a detailed explanation of IMDb's data sources here:



You can add additional awards to your page by following the step by step instructions found here:



With regards to the "other awards" appearing on your page - it might be that these are unverified. Though to check this would you mind sharing a link to the page you're referring to?


Thanks for your patience.