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Wed, May 12, 2021 1:51 AM



I have read a number of posts from users who feel that they are unfairly misrepresented by the "Known For" credits on their IMDb pages.  Unfortunately, my experience is painfully similar: I was the (only) Cinematographer on a feature film that was theatrically released by Sony Classics; it played at the Cannes Film Festival, won many awards at internationally recognized film festivals, and has over 22,000 ratings on IMDb. I have also worked as a DP or Camera Operator on many other films and broadcast TV shows. However, the large videos and posters in The Known For section on my page (which, sadly, are seen first by virtually anyone who visits it!) are of amateur student films that virtually no one has seen. One of them was made over a dozen years ago in almost complete anonymity, and the other is one I was credited as a producer on, a role I rarely ever have in the industry, and am hardly "known for" to anyone in the film & TV business.

So, I'm at truly a loss as to how this fits in with the careful, data/number driven algorithm that is often invoked by IMDb when this issue is brought up in these forums. It seems like it's truly just not working right, and I would like to be able to fix it, as it is extremely frustrating to see myself completely misrepresented in this way in a professional community. I do understand that I can try and correct the issue by joining IMDb Pro, but that is a $240 a year commitment--for life--in order to do so. 

Thank you for reading this post, and thanks for any light that can be shed on this issue (aside from linking to the standard IMDb "Known For" guidelines which I have read and re-read many times, and do not seem to apply to my situation.)

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Hi David -


Thanks for sharing your concerns regarding the "KNown For" title selections on your IMDb page.


Currently, only IMDbPro members can manually select their "Known For" titles, if you do not have an IMDbPro membership then the selection is automatically determined by a complex weighting system.


For further details on his feature and how titles are selected, I encourage you to review our Help Article.