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Thu, Jan 14, 2021 6:27 AM


Impressionist (imitator) - Self or acting?


I have one (non-fictional) series which includes a section where the person is "imitating/impersonating" a well-known sport personalities, such as athletes, sports commentators etc. The person may have an intentionally cheap wig, moustaches, clothes etc, but this is mainly voice/mannerism imitation. This is not a stand-up comedy/talk show or stage type of show. He's credited simply as "imitation/impersonation" and he does not appear in the series elsewhere (let's say, as a guest).

Just wanted to confirm that is this type of credit "acting" (Various Characters, basically), or still "Self"? Some may feel that imitation is a somewhat borderline case (Kevin Spacey imitating Al Pacino on Letterman, or the stand-up comedian doing it on stage).





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11 days ago

Hi Eboy -


If the individual was in costume and was credited on-screen for the role "imitation/impersonation", the credit should reflect what is on-screen, listed as "imitation/impersonation" under "Cast".  Our editors would also likely be accepting of "imitation/impersonation/Various"


If the person was credited on-screen by name only and they performed different roles in costume, the credit should be listed as "Various" under "Cast".


I hope this helps!