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Friday, December 31st, 2021 11:36 PM



IMDb supports my stalker and won’t readd my credits

A lot of my credits were removed. Some acting ones were moved to self and most of my directing credits were removed.

I saw proof that someone wanted to delete all my credits on an IMDb forum and filed a restraining order against her which was served.

I have attempted to readd the credits, but no credits I add are accepted by IMDb even with a link to the films.

imdb still had posters for the films which even show that the removed credit should never have been removed.

what more do I need to do to prove to IMDb that they removed credits in error?

who do I need to talk to to get my editing access back?

to I need to send IMDb a copy of the restraining order that I filed against my stalker?

this needs to be fixed

i was IMDb pro but never again, IMDb believed a harassing stalker and my pro membership was a waste of money

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Why were my credits deleted ?

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