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Sat, Jul 9, 2016 2:25 AM

IMDB puts up picture of Pirated DVD on site as reference to my film copyright infringed materials . Pls REMOVE ASAP

I NEED SOMEONE TO REMOVE THE FALSE INFO on my credit " 28th Instance of June 1914, 10:50 a.m' title shows the picture of the Pirated DVD, not of the official released film, lacks all correct information and is misleading, I believe this is serious that IMDB puts up copyright infringed materials . thanks I am the director of this award winning film.



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5 y ago

Sorry about that. From

What if I find an inappropriate image?
If you believe you have identified an inappropriate image, please select the "Report This" option and submit the request. 

You will need to view the poster in the gallery view to see the "Report This" option so please click the poster from the title page to open that view.