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Sat, Jun 22, 2013 10:59 AM



My Film 'No Joke' had it's festival premiere last weekend and to coincide with that, we had an online screening (via password protected screener) to promote viewers to give an HONEST rating and write HONEST reviews. Thus far 18 people have voted and collectively the median score sits at 9.

And yes, I know that the median score means NOTHING in your world.

Yet, our current score is sitting @ 3.7.

Apparently what has happened is that a single IMDB user with some sort of 'special' status gave the film a 2/10 and that trumped everybody else's collective average of 9/10. So one 'anonymous' reviewer gave a score that is suspiciously low and that invalidates the votes of the majority? I am the first to admit the film is not a masterpiece but a 2/10 and no explanation via a review to give some insight into their clearly contradictory point of view? And you view their vote as more 'authentic' than the rest?

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? And this is the system that you have devised to root out corruption?

I, and all the people who have taken the time to vote and review the film, demand that you investigate this single 'special' status user and find out if they were either in Toronto, Ontario this past weekend or that they were one of the 22 people who took part in the online screening. If not, then clearly they HAVE NOT seen the film and have given a low score out of spite and quite obviously contrary to the set of rules that these 'special' status IMDB users must adhere to. We demand that you invalidate this members score and have them immediately BANNED.

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