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Sun, Dec 10, 2017 7:52 PM



As of a few days ago my IMDB page was correctly showing "KNOWN FOR" posters on my account. However, as I was coming on the site to add another credit to my account, I was shocked to see that something has happened and now in the "KNOWD FOR" Posters section it's showing productions that I'm least known for and productions that were very early credits in my career. I feel very frustrated because it makes my account look very amateurish and unprofessional and is a grave mis-representation of my experience and work. I noticed this is not only happeneing on my account either. Can someone from IMDB PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP. It's very frustrating and disheartening to see all your hard work and experience being mis-represented on this site that so many people in the industry refer to as a reference. Can someone please contact me about this asap and fix it? Thank you. -Chris




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3 years ago

The "Known For" selections are made automatically by a software system using a variety of criteria.  We are often tuning the rules for this system so selections do change over time. We have made some major changes to the rules recently, especially to better represent TV credits. 

If you would like to control the exact selection of "Known For" credits then please see

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then IMDB would need to address the software that chooses random and dated shows to represent any given individual's work... I have also gone thru this "recently updated software" experience and had to find my own solution; was the intention of the update to force people to pay into the imdb pro?; if we are subjected to the imdb auto software where our information is taken and displayed I feel there should be some consciousness about the information that's put out, if nothing else the software can easily be written to sort the info by the "latest & greatest" projects; meaning by credit quantity and the date... not very happy

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This is a disaster for script supervisors. If we have ever worked in any other capacity, those credits rise to the top - no matter how old and unseen the project may be. Our real work disappears. Nothing I am “known for” shows up now. This is a cruel consequence of ranking the departments. BTW, script supervisors are not “miscellaneous crew” we are our own department.

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I agree with Heather. As a script supervisor my IMDB is a complete misrepresentation now. Suddenly I'm "known for" small projects I worked on in film school rather than the major motion pictures I've worked on in my career since. This HAS to be addressed. We shouldn't have to pay for IMDBpro for this one ridiculous reason. I have no use for it otherwise. Please fix this problem so my "known for" section can actually be what I'm known for.

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3 years ago

They won't fix it so it shows your best work, IMDB want us to pay for that section which is pretty greedy! I live in the UK and it's not worth the subscription fees what i get out of it. I've asked a few times about this 'known for' section and that it should be free so we can select ourselves what we want, either that or there should be a way for the system to display your 'best' credits! This is my post about it: