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Mon, Feb 22, 2016 11:50 PM

IMDb editors Declining ALL my submissions

This is frustrating to post but I have no choice. I have been an IMDb user for 10 years and a pro user for 5, I have never had a problem updating legit information for my existing or future projects I'm involved in. I update on projects I act in, and produce. I have submitted over 20 titles before last fall only 2 were rejected. Since November every single submission I make for New titles or updating information for old/current such as trivia, cast, ect has been DECLINED. No reason given just a big red DECLINED. I have contacted several people over this and made posts here. The result was a vague run a round answer. They told me to post here, I did, then they told me to post on the help desk. I did, and was told the same robotic answer. I am beginning to believe My account may have been suspended in some form. Is anyone else having problems updating older titles or adding new ones with legit information?  I can show proof of this. IMDb has declined every bit of trivia I have tried to add to a film I produced recently, it wont allow me to add screening dates, I am willing to provide proof of all my updates but there is no where to add proof. It is also frustrating when it declined titles that have screened and I've even given them direct links to the full film and or trailer. The last time I posted this problem a moderator told me to go back to the help section and closed this conversation. Which I found very strange. Please do not close this conversation I am only trying to solve this issue.

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