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Mon, Feb 1, 2016 4:01 AM


IMDB credit not being corrected despite numerous people saying it is incorrect

In regards to the thread:-


Hi Michelle and Henry,

According to what I have discussed with talent, producer, director and Tropfest Australia.  The order of events goes something like this.

1) Film completed, final cut given out to actors. 2011/2012.

2) Film submitted to withoutabox for Tropfest (2012) with one day left to submit! This was done as a rush.  Privacy video submission was checked so this was not public on withoutabox.

3) Credits declared wrong for Jay Kallaway and Gramenos, these were corrected on the film by director and producer, and sent to Tropfest directly.  I have an email from Tropfest Australia attesting to this fact.

4) Over 2012, credits were corrected to be Jay Kallaway on IMDB. Everyone was happy.

5) At some stage, a staff member at IMDB reverted the credits back to the incorrect credits, not sure why.  The case was raised again, but this time staff said it had been validated already against some public version of the film.  (which I have yet to see, is it still around??? if so it is not the official released film).

6) I believe there was numerous requests to correct it again, but IMDB did not.  I believe at this point is where management of Jay changed.  Jay had two profiles, they were merged. There was dispute about owning the credit because of the conflict that IMDB had caused with not correcting credits in the first place. 

7) I took management of Jay on-board, the credit issue seemed a trivial issue to resolve. I contacted director and producer, Tropfest Australia and asked Producer to post a copy of the official film again to withoutabox to validate the ongoing dispute for credit change. This is why it was uploaded in 2015.

Now, it is important to note, that this film has not been released to any film festivals, it didn't make Tropfest shortlist, it has never screened anywhere offically publically.  So here is the core issue.  

If IMDB have validated this film, which has not been shown publically, against some supposed public available vimeo/youtube whatever video. Where is this link? what was the link? how can you attest it want password protected? and how can you attest that it was an official version of the film that was aimed for the public market? 

The Director Alica Sim, DOP Billy and I would like to know about these details so we can be satisfied with the validation process and rectify any current breach.  Because right now.  There is not a publically available version of this film, other than on the copy that the director posted on withoutabox in 2015 to satisfy the argument of the credit which has been ongoing since 2012/2013. 

In addition, to be accurate, given IMDB works off public release, it might even be considered that the film's release date be 2015 given that it became public on withoutabox in 2015. This is a side point however and not entirely relevant to the request for corrected credits.

I have raised a request under IMDBpro for help on this again, it would be appreciated if IMDB staff could comment on more detail for us rather than leave us in mystery on how your validated this.  

We kindly request that you reconsider your original validation and consider the title as it stands now publically on withoutabox or otherwise assist us in understanding your validation process so we can address the issue with any third parties.  To our knowledge, the pre-release version of the film should not be in circulation or in view publically anyway.

Kind regards


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